A Spime we’re Living in?

Get Your Work, Life, Balanced. Join us on a tour of Jason Isolini’s latest proposition for a friction-free integration of Class-A office infrastructure with maximum resiliency life amenities. The dual-core convergence of home and work. Featuring immediate expedite access from horizontal to up-right fare-free morning commute. Community planned algorithmically ‘Because you liked’ furnishings. 55 square foot live life space. On site bike valet. 360° private roofless terrace indoor-outdoor working environment. Optimized logo decals. Plug in refuel points. Vision glass single window intensifying light and air. Cloud-computing chandelier. Drone delivery service. Auto-cleaning soft furnishings. And drop-slot access to multiple organs food, beverage and coffee options. All incorporating RFID chip technology to keep tenants healthy, well-fed and well-motivated. Let corporations leverage your living space to track productivity and Humanize Work.
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